2017 Snow Safety Dispatch #4

Date: Thursday March 23, 2017 2:55pm


Mission: Woke up to sunny skies and light winds but we knew it was the calm before the storm. Team of 6 (Mike H. remained at the Hut for water and checkpoint building.) traveled through Star Basin via the Star Tube, a feature used in a previous year when there was not enough snow on the main route. From the Tube we booted up to Miller Point and on to Ewert’s Delight where we skied back into the Taylor side of Star Pass. After lunch in Star Base we split up for tasks. Geo to Geo’s Bonfire location to tidy up the whole and build the kitchen bar. Ben, Megan and Jake went to mark the course from Star Pass down to the bonfire. Mike K. and Kevin returned to the Hut via Miller Time for more afternoon Hut chores.

Observations: From a sunny morning and ski tour to the Pass, the wind and clouds picked up consistently during the morning and early afternoon. Temps were right about freezing and the snow surfaces were still scratchy and stiff. No ski penetration. Some boot penetration on the boot pack and certainly up against rocks and cliffs. Skiing was good but loud from the still fairly frozen surface. Upon returning to the Friend’s Hut around 2pm we still had partly sunny skies but as I write at 3pm it has socked in and is snowing hard.

Conclusion: The next 24 hours it is supposed to snow 8-10” at Star Pass accompanied by high winds. Tomorrow and Race night’s forecast is looking great for racing. The front is forecasted to have passed by midday Friday and other than much chillier temps the weather and conditions might be perfect. New snow on the course will improve the experience without a doubt. The Snow Safety Team is ready to manage this fast moving storm and have the course ready for you by Friday night. Disclosure; Mother Nature will have last word.

To see photos from todays dispatch, visit our facebook page.

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