2017 Snow Safety Dispatch #5

Date: March 24, 2017 Race Day

Mission: Traveled up normal route past Pim Point. Traveled to Star Pass for storm snow and wind transport assessment on the course. Make the final call with the other teams as to send the race to Aspen. Returned on descent snow to Hut for final preparations.

Observations: Blustery morning with a new 5” and snowing continuing lightly. Colder but not frigid. Gusty blasts intermittent with calm in the morning. Travel up the route to the ridge proved to be still quite scoured and firm. Skinning was actually the toughest of the week. Crossing over to Star Pass from the ridge was considerably better with the gaps of open ground were covered with 4-6” of dense snow. It is possibly to ski all the way to Star Pass but be aware you could find grass, rocks or dirt. Upon inspection, the Taylor side or Star Pass had been scoured to old snow and avalanche concerns were evaporated. Winds were strong enough to transport all of the new snow out of our zone aside from the flat basin bottoms. Taylor Pass saw much more snow and transport so we delayed our decision until they could confirm conditions were safe at Taylor Pass.

Conclusion: The race will not be impeded and we are a green light to Aspen! See all you racers at the Friend’s Hut and Star Pass. Good Luck to everyone.

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