2017 Snow Safety Dispatch #3

Date: March 22, 2017

Mission: Traveled over Star Pass to Geo’s bonfire as a team along with the support vehicle. The Opa’s Hut and Friend’s Hut team rendezvous was a success. All items exchanged including 14 sticks of bamboo, full medical kit, repaired propane stove and 5 gallons of propane, a Goal 0 charging cord, watch batteries, transitional light beacons and several other items. We shared a lunch and beverages and got right to digging out Geo’s Bonfire site. After excavation, we hauled the gear we acquired from the shuttle up Taylor Canyon. On the ascent back up to Star Pass the Snow Safety Team probed, prodded and skied the area collecting data along the way. The team broke up for the descent back to the Hut for calls, more probing and cooking.

Observations: Solid snowpack now. Supportable snow even into the afternoon. No rapid warming today but remained in the 30’s all day. There was a trace of snow from last night that made the skiing a little less scratchy but still quite variable. Overcast all day with some broken skies in the late afternoon. Obs will be focused on the incoming storm and its effects. The snowpack and course is in great shape to take a foot of snow or more and any fresh snow on the course will make the skiing and racing much better.

Conclusion: Discussion of a disturbance on its way for tomorrow into Friday morning. Frontal passage will bring high winds and up to a foot of snow. Of course, being a spring storm the forecast is still changing and we are monitoring it closely. Though it is warm and spring like even at 12,000 feet now, snow, wind and cold are likely before race start. The big question that will remain unanswered until Friday is the weather and snow conditions for race time. We are hopeful and the forecast is favoring acceptable weather for the race.

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