Grand Traverse Route Changed to Reverse Route


Attention Grand Traverse Racers,

Due to sever weather and high avalanche danger, we will not be going to Aspen and are implementing the Reverse route #cbandback.

This morning at 11 a.m., based on conditions at the time and forecasts from numerous weather models, we made the call that conditions would permit a race to Aspen.

Since then, the forecasts have proven to be remarkably inaccurate. Snow totals on course have doubled and tripled what was foretasted. The Barnard Hut Field Team is reporting 2 feet of new snow and the Friend’s and Opa’s Teams are reporting significant snowfall as well.

Furthermore, the forecasts have been revised and are showing the storm continuing to strengthen.

This brings up two major safety concerns:
Snow loading on avalanche paths on the north side of Star Pass.
Visibility on the race course.
As such, The Grand Traverse Team and our Chief Snow Safety Officer, Ben Pritchett, see no possible way to safely send over 400 people to Aspen tonight.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause racers and your support crew. We look forward to a safe race and we will see you all for the midnight start!

-The Grand Traverse Team

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