Training, Nutrition & Race Tips

Racers are strongly encouraged to preview the course, except private property areas. Please respect that these land owners grant us special access privileges for the race only!  Anyone skiing on privately owned property in the East River Valley will be prosecuted for trespassing and disqualified from this and any future races.  Entry fees will not be refunded.

Notes from 5 time winner Mike Kloser – great insight for how to tackle this race!
Elk Mountain Grand Traverse Tips
“How to Prepare for Crested Butte’s Toughest Race” by Bryan Miller Crested Butte News January 11, 2008
Crested Butte News 2008
“Top Ten Skin Tricks” by Bryan Wickenhauser 2011
Wick’s Top 10

Train with your planned nutrition well before the race!  Check back for more information soon.

In an effort to make your race the most enjoyable one possible, please consider acclimatizing ahead of time. Most Ski Resorts are above 4,000 feet above sea level and almost all Colorado Ski Resorts have a base area above 9,000 feet and you’ll be racing above 9,000 feet for 40 miles!

Most people do not suffer from severe Altitude Sickness when they compete in events like this, however, mild to moderate altitude related symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, muscle cramping, insomnia, shortness of breath, increased blood pressure, water retention and/or dehydration may occur. Altitude sickness can be prevented, decreased or even eliminated and ultimately your performance can be improved by taking a few simple steps:

#1  If you have had altitude sickness in the past, be sure to go to elevation more slowly. Stay a night or two at ½ or ¾ of your final destination altitude to allow your body to better adapt and acclimate.

#2  Avoid excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption.

#3  Stay hydrated. This is critical. Studies show that staying hydrated, particularly with a sport drink containing electrolytes, improves performance and energy at elevation.

  • Map

    For a downloadable PDF of the Grand Traverse Map please click here: Grand Traverse Map

  • Snow Safety

    Teams of avalanche forecasters assess the route in the weeks prior to the race. Current regional avalanche conditions can be found here:

    Colorado Avalanche Information Center

    Crested Butte Avalanche Center

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