Triple Crown

                                  $5000 Cash Purse

Since it’s inception in 2015, the Grand Traverse Triple Crown has rapidly developed into a preeminent multi-sport / multi-season endurance challenge.   With its origins firmly planted as North America’s toughest point-to-point ski race, the GT Triple Crown defines a new generation of mountain sports competition.  This singular test of three pinnacle disciplines, Ski-Run-Bike, will challenge both individual perseverance, while also demanding concerted team strategizing in the first race, the ski stage to Aspen.

2017 FEMALE Triple Crown Contenders

2017 MALE Triple Crown Contenders

– How to Enter theTriple Crown –

Individual Competition: Registration Open

Any athlete who receives a qualified finish time in the Grand Traverse Ski is deemed an eligible Triple Crown contender.

Winter athletes may enter themselves into Individual Triple Crown competition by registering via one of the Summer registrations, indicating their Triple Crown status on the registration submission.


Individual Triple Crown
Cash Purse

– Male  &  Female –
1st – $1,500
2nd – $700
      3rd – $300       

Team Competition: Team Registration Open

Triple Crown Teams may be composed of either 2 or 3 separate athletes.  

To form a team, Summer athletes shall register online individually, electing to enter into the Triple Crown Team Competition when prompted.  Anytime after December 1st, once you are assured that you have a Ski Team to partner with, Summer athletes may register online citing the registration confirmation number of the Winter team they are associated with.

Mountain Run Registration                  Mountain Bike Registration

Winter partners who accomplish the Ski race may choose to continue competing as teammates in the Triple Crown Team competition, with each Winter athlete racing one leg of the Summer series.  Alternatively, Winter partners may elect to assign their mutual Ski time to separate Summer athletes, thereby creating two separate Triple Crown Teams in competition with one another. 

Another acceptable scenario … is one where Ski teammate’s both wish to continue competing in the Summer competition. One Ski teammate may choose to continue competing as an Individual, while the other Winter partner may choose to combine with other Summer athletes to compete as a Team.

Triple Crown Team Prizes
The top 3 teams in the Team competition will be awarded product prize packages.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Must I register in October to be an Individual Triple Crown contender?
No, but entry into the winter ski race can be challenging, as it sells out quickly on December 1st.  If you gain entry into the Winter race, you may register yourself into the Individual Triple Crown competition anytime leading up to the Summer events.

Do both Winter teammates have to enter the Triple Crown to receive priority entry into the Winter event?
No.  As long as one Winter teammate commits to competing in the Triple Crown, that team will receive a reserved spot into the 2017 Winter event.

Refund Policy:
The same refund and transfer policies apply to each of the individual events.  Should you have to drop out of any one of the events you may submit a request for a percent refund based on the date of your refund submission.

Winter Refund Schedule:
December 1st – January 31st        75% Refund of Team Ski Registration
February 1st – February 28th        50% Refund of Team Ski Registration
March 1st – March 19th                  25% Refund of Team Ski Registration

Summer Refund Schedule:
December 1st – May 31st              75% Refund of Individual Registration
June 1st – July 31st                       50% Refund of Individual Registration
August 1st – September 1st         25% Refund of Individual Registration