– October Early Registration Opportunity –

Priority registration to the GT Ski Race will be afforded to the first 25 athletes who consign themselves to competing in the 2020 Triple Crown
during the month of October.

Register as a 2020 Triple Crown competitor by the end of October, you’ll both secure your 2020 Ski Team entry prior to
General Registration opening (Dec. 1) and additionally be enrolled into both 2020 Summer events.

– FAQ –

Must I register in October to compete in the 2020 Triple Crown?

No, but entry into the Ski race can be challenging as General Registration sells out rapidly on December 1st.
Any athlete who receives a qualified 2020 Ski finish time may opt to further enroll in the summer events, thereby becoming an eligible Triple Crown Contender.  (Ski race finishers may enter into summer events by registering through either online Summer GT registration, entering as a Dual Sport competitor, anytime leading up to summer races.)

Do both Ski teammates have to enter themselves into the Triple Crown to receive priority entry into the Winter event?

No.  As long as one teammate commits to competing in the Triple Crown through the October priority registration,  this individual will have secured a team entry into the 2020 Ski event.

Do I need to already have my 2020 Ski Teammate identified?

No.  However, once your Triple Crown registration is accepted, you will be instructed on how to further register your 2020 Ski Team.
You must submit your Ski Team registration, along with the unpaid 50% ski registration fee before November 30th.

Refund Policy

The same refund policies apply to each of the individual events.    Should you have to drop out of one or more races, you may make a request for a percentage refund, based on the date of your refund request submission.

Winter Refund Schedule:

December 1st to January 31st   –  75% Refund of Team Ski Registration
February 1st to February 28th  –  50% Refund of Team Ski Registration
March 1st to March 24th            –  25% Refund of Team Ski Registration

Summer Refund Schedule:

December 1st  to  May 31st  –  75% Refund of Individual Registration
June 1st  to  July 31st            –  50% Refund of Individual Registration
August 1st  to August 25th   –   25% Refund of Individual Registration

Registration deferments are not accepted.