Since its inception in 2015, the Grand Traverse Triple Crown has rapidly developed into a preeminent multi-sport / multi-season endurance challenge.

With its legacy firmly planted as the toughest point-to-point ski race in North America, the GT Triple Crown defines a new generation of mountain sports competition.  A singular test of three pinnacle mountain disciplines – Ski, Trail Run & Mountain Bike, will challenge both individual perseverance, while also demanding concerted team strategizing in the first race stage  –  the ski to Aspen.

– 2022 CHAMPIONS –

Nikki LaRochelle & Vince Rogers


2022 Triple Crown Champions – Nikki LaRochelle & Vince Rogers
Complete 2022 Results

2021 Triple Crown Champions – Billy Laird & Tracey O’Brien
Complete 2021 Results

2019 Triple Crown Champions – Cam Smith & Katie Sodergren
Complete 2019 Results

2018 Triple Crown Champions – Cam Smith & Jill Seager
Complete 2018 Results

2017 Triple Crown Champions – Max Taam & Jill Seager
Complete 2017 Results

2016 Triple Crown Champions – Billy Laird & Kelly Ryan
Complete 2016 Results

2015 Triple Crown Champion – Ben Johnson
Complete 2015 Results

– FAQ –

What is Priority Registration?

Throughout the month of November we offer priority registration into the Ski race, afforded to the first 35 athletes who consign themselves to competing in the Triple Crown Series for that calendar year.  These athletes will not only secure a Team slot into that year’s Ski race, but additionally secure their individual registration for both Summer GT events.

Must I register in November to be a competitor in the 2022 Triple Crown?

No, however entry into the Ski race can be challenging, as General Registration sells out rapidly on December 1st.
Any athlete who receives a qualified 2022 Ski finish time may opt to further enroll in the summer events as as a Dual Sport athlete, thereby becoming an eligible Triple Crown contender.  ( Enter summer events through either online Summer GT registration, entering as a Dual Sport competitor anytime leading up to summer races. )

Do both Ski teammates have to enter themselves into the Triple Crown to receive priority entry into the Winter event?

No.  As long as one teammate commits to competing in the Triple Crown through the November priority registration,  this individual will have secured a team entry into the 2022 Ski event.